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Version 3.0.30Jan 6, 2012

  • Fixed a problem whereby clicking Skip Occurrence on a recurring task would sometimes create an unwanted task instance.
Version 3.0.29May 17, 2011

  • The previous Taskline version introduced a problem with tasks not being updated if the Advanced Option Update the owners of assigned tasks was deselected. This is now fixed.
Version 3.0.28April 21, 2011

  • Added an Ignore tentative appointments Advanced Option.
  • "a.m." and "p.m." werenít recognized by Taskline. This is now fixed.
Version 3.0.26January 21, 2011

  • Added a Copy notes from task option, which is on the Advanced Options dialog. This copies notes from a task to its calendar task entries. Only the text, excluding formatting, is copied.
  • Fixed a problem with Select any tasks that should finish before this one. Sometimes the selected list was getting lost and occasionally this could cause Outlook to crash.
Version 3.0.25September 22, 2010

  • Taskline is now compatible with ClearContext v5.1 and MindManager 9.
  • Fixed a crash when the Require that all tasks are assigned a category Taskline option was enabled in Windows 7.
  • Fixed a problem with dates and times not being accepted when Hebrew preferences were selected on Windows 7.
Version 3.0.24July 2, 2010

  • Taskline is compatible with the GTD Outlook Add-In version 3.1
  • There is a new Show As setting on the Taskline task form. This allows you set calendar task entries as Free, Tentative, Busy, or Out of Office per task. If set, this option overrides the Show time as setting on the Calendar tab of Taskline's main dialog.
  • Previously, the Advanced Option Require that all tasks are assigned a category displayed an edit box where you had to type the category name in. Now, if you have Outlook 2007 or later, a list box of Categories is displayed. So you can now select the Category, rather than type it in.
  • Changed the keyboard shortcut on Task should from Alt+U to Alt+L. Alt+U clashed with Outlook's Recurrence dialog.
  • Taskline now gives more control over how recurring tasks are scheduled. Previously, there were options to schedule recurring tasks on their Start or Due dates. This Taskline version gives new settings on the Advanced Options dialog that additionally allow recurring tasks to be scheduled on or after their Start dates, or on or before their Due dates.
  • Added 2 new calendar task entry subject tokens: TaskNotes and TaskAttach. They show [N] or [A] respectively if the task has notes or attachments.
  • The non-Taskline User Defined Field GtdHide used to show up when you printed a task. This has now been removed.
  • Taskline does not allow you to delete Working Hours that are currently assigned to tasks. However, if the Working Hours are only assigned to Completed tasks, then this version of Taskline now allows you to delete those hours.
  • Online help updated to show information on using Taskline in Outlook 2010
Version 3.0.22February 11, 2010

  • This version fixes a problem when running with Outlook 2010. The Add-Ins tab was only shown the very first time a task entry in the calendar was opened. This is now resolved.
Version 3.0.22January 29, 2010

  • There is a new Clear Scheduled Start and Scheduled End if task not scheduled Advanced Option. Previously, these dates, along with Week Commencing, were always cleared on unscheduled tasks. The main reason for not clearing these fields is to reduce conflicts when several users are sharing the same task list.
  • There is a new Advanced Option to set the granularity for Default to current date and time. This was previously always set to 15m.
  • The 'First task starts at' date is in the past. Is this what you intended? alert no longer appears if Default to current date and time is selected.
  • There are 2 new Advanced Options for recurring tasks: Schedule on Start date, if set and Schedule on Due date, if set. By default, Taskline attempts to schedule a recurring task on its Start date, or Due date if no Start date is set. These options allow you to change that behavior.
  • Fixed an erroneous "Can't find the calendar task entries" error. Previously, if a task was scheduled and calendar task entries created, and then Taskline is rerun but the task wasn't scheduled this time, then Taskline still thought that the calendar task entries existed.
Version 3.0.21December 11, 2009

  • This version is now compatible with the 32 bit version of Outlook 2010.
Version 3.0.20September 17, 2009

  • Added a new advanced option to show a list of task attachments on calendar task entries.
  • Added VB and VBA programming information to the online help.
  • You can now enter times using just the first letter of am and pm if desired. For example, "10a".
  • It was previously not possible to set TotalWork to zero on a recurring task. Taskline would always reset it back to its previous value. This is now fixed. To zero TotalWork, open the task and make sure Ignore this task is selected. Then clear the TotalWork field.
Version 3.0.18June 24, 2009

  • In previous versions of Taskline, a task with its Status set to Waiting on someone else resulted in the Due date being cleared. This no longer happens, the Due date is now left unchanged.
  • A problem was introduced in the previous upgrade when a new task was created in Outlook – the Subject on the new task form was not showing the text cursor. Now fixed – apologies for that.
Version 3.0.17June 12, 2009

  • Taskline is now compatible with the GTD 3.0 Outlook Add-In
  • The Renumber or Re-letter Priority (A1) facility sometimes did not update the ABC Taskline field. This has now been fixed. ABC is the letter from the Priority (A1) field.
  • If a task took longer than 6 months to complete, then sometimes you would get an incorrect "There is no free time available in your calendar for approximately a 6 month period" message. This is now fixed.
  • If a task's calendar task entries have been moved or deleted, Taskline warns that it can't find them and hence can't update their progress. However, previously you might have got 2 alerts for the same task. This is now fixed.
Version 3.0.16May 20, 2009

  • Taskline is now compatible with MindManager® 8
  • If you added progress to task that had never been scheduled by Taskline, you sometimes got a message about missing calendar task entries. This has now been corrected.
  • Taskline Setup should wait for up to 30 seconds for Outlook to shut down, but in fact it was waiting up to 300 seconds. This has now been fixed.
Version 3.0.15May 1, 2009

  • You can now run Taskline without showing the Taskline dialog first. Shift-click on the Taskline toolbar button in Outlook to have your tasks immediately rescheduled.
  • An unusual task reschedule problem has been fixed. Sometimes, when lots of tasks had Finish on or Start on constraints, some tasks were getting scheduled in the wrong order.
  • A problem with Ignore this task sometimes getting unset when a recurring task was made Complete has now been fixed.
Version 3.0.14April 9, 2009

  • Auto Process Registration Email now works again. This stopped working when SWREG updated their order confirmation email format.
  • Uninstall has been made robust when conflicts with other Outlook Add-Ins arise.
Version 3.0.13April 1, 2009

  • Taskline is now compatible with My Life Organized v2.5.1
  • New Advanced Option – Use sync friendly calendar task entry delete. If you are synchronizing Outlook with another device, such as a PDA, and you find that the calendar task entries created by Taskline are not getting deleted on your other device, then try selecting this option. When selected, Taskline uses a different, but slower, method of deleting calendar task entries. This usually resolves the sync issue.
  • New Advanced Option – Copy contacts from task. This copies any contact list from the task to its calendar task entries.
  • Fixed an unusual date range error that could occur when switching between time zones.
Version 3.0.12January 22, 2009

  • Taskline is now compatible with PlanPlus v6.
  • Lone milestones with a Finish On constraint were sometimes getting scheduled a day early. This is now fixed
  • If you moved a calendar task entry, and then added progress to its task, the calendar task entry was incorrectly moved back again. This is now fixed. A related change is that when adding progress to a previously Not Started task, and task Actual Start is unset, then Actual Start is now set to equal the Start of the first calendar task entry, if one exists.
  • A first time Taskline install used to leave the Order by settings empty. Now the settings default to Priority A1, Ascending.
Version 3.0.11October 29, 2008

  • Taskline allows traveling time to be incorporated into an appointment subject, using curly brackets. Cicso Meetingplace Add-In also uses a curly brackets methods of denoting extra information. This was causing Taskline to display lots of "Invalid duration inside curly brackets" messages. This is now fixed.
  • Occasionally the error "There is not enough uninterrupted free time available in your calendar to satisfy the minimum split..." would appear when in fact time was available. This problem has now been fixed.
Version 3.0.10September 9, 2008

  • A new option on the Advanced Options dialog automatically closes an open calendar task entry when its Open Task button is clicked.
  • A problem with the Try Taskline Pro option has been fixed. The Standard Edition form was still being shown until Taskline was run again.
Version 3.0.8July 30, 2008

  • Clicking Skip Occurrence on a recurring task was causing an unwanted task instance to be created. This is now fixed.
Version 3.0.7July 29, 2008

  • Marking a recurring task as Complete was not marking the calendar task entry as complete. A side effect of this was that the recurring task history was getting deleted. Now fixed.
  • Fixed a problem with Total Work being zeroed when a recurring task was made Complete.
Version 3.0.5July 9, 2008

  • The Delete completed occurrences of recurring tasks option had no effect if a completed tasks folder wasnít selected. This is now fixed.
  • Taskline now works with Live Search Maps for Outlook on Outlook 2003 and earlier, but task entries in the calendar cannot be created. You will need to work from the task list instead.
Version 3.0.4July 4, 2008

  • Occasional "Invalid Pointer" Internal Error now fixed.
  • Taskline is now compatible with Live Search Maps for Outlook, but only on Outlook 2007. Even on Outlook 2007, you canít use mapping on the task entries that Taskline creates in Outlookís calendar. The problems are caused by Live Search Maps for Outlook using its own appointment form.
Version 3.0.3June 25, 2008

  • Some error messages improved.
Version 3.0.2June 16, 2008

  • Fixed a problem whereby deleting a recurring task instance would create a 2nd non-recurring task.
Version 3.0.1June 10, 2008

  • Occasional crash in task reschedule now fixed.
Taskline Version 3June 3, 2008

Product Requirements and Editions

  • Taskline now requires Outlook 2000 or above.
  • There are now two different Taskline editions – Standard and Professional.
  • Taskline Version 3 is now compatible with the Getting Things Done Outlook Add-In v2.7.5, FranklinCovey® PlanPlus v5, OneNote® 2007 and Mindjet® MindManager® 7

Professional Edition

The following new features are in Taskline Professional Edition only (all other new features are in both editions):

  • Multiple named sets of Working Hours can be defined and different tasks can be scheduled to different time slots. For example, work tasks can be scheduled Monday thru Friday during the day, and personal tasks can be scheduled for evenings and weekends.
  • You can instruct Taskline to ignore tasks which have been assigned particular Working Hours.
  • Different days of the week can have different working hours.
  • Working 24 hours a day is supported. If the To time of a break or the Stop work time is 0:00, this is taken as midnight.
  • Up to 4 day time breaks can be defined.

Standard Edition

This contains all the new features listed below. Additionally, there are two differences from Taskline v2.1:

  • You can no longer override travel time per appointment. This feature is only supported in Taskline Professional Edition.
  • You can only assign a single label (color) to calendar task entries. Professional Edition supports different labels (colors) being assigned to different types of tasks.

Task Progress

  • The task progress model has been updated. Taskline no longer schedules completed tasks backwards from the First task starts at date. Instead, completed tasks are left unchanged by Taskline. In effect, the scheduled dates are assumed to have been correct. If things didnít go to plan, you can optionally reflect this by updating the tasks or the calendar task entries.
  • Progress can now be updated from the calendar, as well as directly on the task itself.
  • When opened, calendar task entries now feature a Taskline toolbar. This enables you to open the task, or mark the calendar task entry as Complete.


  • A new Projects tab allows you to create and delete projects and set a project order.
  • You can now order tasks by Project.
  • You can instruct Taskline to ignore all tasks which have been assigned a particular Project.
  • Calendar task entries can be colored according to Project.

Task Scheduling

  • Order by Due date, which previously existed in earlier Taskline versions, has been reinstated. Ordering by Due date now works slightly differently to other Order By options in that Taskline will not only order by this date, but will also try and make sure that the task is completed on or before the Due date.
  • You can now specify a constraint time for recurring tasks, to force recurring tasks to start or finish at a specific time, as well as on a specific date.
  • When a task misses a constraint, Taskline now allows you to prefix the task subject with some text, so that you have a record of which tasks need attention. The default characters are "!!". Missed task constraints still result in a message box at the end of the task reschedule.
  • There is a new Missed Constraint task field which gives the elapsed gap between the scheduled date and the constraint date. This enables you to create an Outlook view highlighting tasks that need attention, optionally sorted into an order showing which tasks have missed their constraints by the greatest amounts.
  • Regenerating tasks now get a warning message, rather than an error message, when their date is missed. This message will go away if the Taskline should set Start and Due to the Scheduled dates option is set. Furthermore, regenerating tasks that miss their dates will not mark the task as requiring attention. This is because regenerating tasks generally represent something that needs doing repeatedly, but not on specific dates. Regenerating tasks are a specific type of recurring task.
  • Background reschedules no longer pop up an alert if task constraints are missed.
  • There are new reschedule options, on the Advanced Options dialog, that help you to understand how Taskline schedules your tasks.

Miscellaneous Changes

  • A task import feature creates tasks from text, one task per line of text. This is to quickly convert a text To Do list into Outlook tasks.
  • There is a new Advanced Options dialog, which keeps the less often used options out of the main dialog tabs.
  • There is a new advanced option to explicitly set the Category of Taskline-created calendar task entries.
  • The Summary of Task Schedule dialog has been enhanced. It now shows a per-project or per-task category breakdown and also allows this information to be copied to the clipboard for pasting into a spreadsheet.
  • If no time unit is supplied for appointment traveling time, minutes is now assumed. Previously, hours were assumed.
  • A new ABC field on tasks contains the letter of Priority (A1), if set. This allows you to group Outlook views by this letter.
  • Taskline now supports Hungarian date formats (which have a separator at the end of the date).
  • Tasks set to Deferred or Waiting now have their Due dates cleared. This is to remove them from Outlook's daily To Do list and also from the calendar.
  • When there are multiple accounts on one computer, Taskline Setup now has the option to install Taskline for all users, or just the current user.

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