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        What's New Archive for Taskline Version 2.1

Version 2.1.39December 19, 2007

  • Taskline now works OK with Hungarian date formats.
  • Fixed a problem with a bogus "There is no free time available in your calendar for approximately a 6 month period from 1/1/1901" message.
Version 2.1.36September 11, 2007

  • This version of Taskline is compatible with Windows Vista.
Version 2.1.34January 19, 2007

  • This Taskline update is compatible with all current versions of the Getting Things Done Outlook Add-In.
Version 2.1.33January 3, 2007

  • Fixes a problem with calendar task entries on Outlook 2007. Previously, a copy of the task was embedded in the calendar task entry. This has been replaced by a shortcut to the task. This change only affects Outlook 2007 as in Outlook 2003 and earlier, hyperlinks are used to open the task from the calendar task entry.
Version 2.1.32November 25, 2006

  • This version of Taskline is compatible with Outlook 2007.
  • The hyperlinks Taskline inserts to enable you to open the task from the task entry in the calendar no longer work in Outlook 2007. Thus, for Outlook 2007 only, these have been replaced by shortcuts to the task.
  • On Outlook 2007, Taskline no longer copies categories from the task to the task entry in the calendar if labels have been set up. This is because the category color on Outlook 2007 overrides the label color. If you still want the categories copied, remove the label mappings from the Labels tab of Taskline’s dialog.
  • Occasionally people were getting Internal Error 679. This is now fixed.
  • Sometimes milestones with a Start On or a Finish On constraint were getting incorrectly scheduled. This is now fixed.
Version 2.1.31June 29, 2006

  • This version of Taskline will install successfully on a restricted Windows user account. There is no longer a need to have Windows Administrator privileges to setup Taskline.
Version 2.1.28February 28, 2006

  • The shortcut key for the "Select any tasks..." check box on the Taskline task form has been changed from Alt+S to Alt+L, to remove a clash with Save and Close.
Version 2.1.26November 7, 2005

  • The task scheduling algorithm has been refined slightly to improve the placement of some tasks with a Start on or After constraint.
Version 2.1.25October 20, 2005

  • On the Renumber or Re-letter Priority (A1) dialog, the Change letter controls were not working. This is now fixed.
Version 2.1.24October 11, 2005

  • A further refinement to the scheduling algorithm was implemented that may improve the placement of tasks with a Start On or a Finish On constraint.
Version 2.1.23October 7, 2005

  • Improvements have been made to the task scheduling algorithm.
Version 2.1.22September 28, 2005

  • Task minimum split handling has been improved. Previously, it was not optimal in some circumstances, which could in turn lead to some task constraints getting missed unnecessarily.
Version 2.1.21September 20, 2005

  • An occasional reschedule issue whereby some Start On or Finish On constraints would sometimes get missed unnecessarily has now been fixed.
  • A new <TaskCategories> token for calendar task entries has been added.
  • PlanPlus compatibility has been improved. Previously, sometimes a Taskline task could get omitted from PlanPlus views.
  • Ordering tasks by Start or Due date is no longer supported. It was removed because it caused a lot of confusion with new users, who then expected Start or Due dates to act like task constraints.
Version 2.1.20August 24, 2005

  • A new Scheduler should ignore 'Out of Office' appointments option has been added. This causes the task scheduler to ignore appointments with Show time as set to Out of Office. Ordinarily, tasks are scheduled around such appointments.
Version 2.1.19July 20, 2005

  • This version of Taskline is compatible with the Getting Things Done Outlook Add-In v2.1.
  • This version of Taskline is compatible with MindManager X5.
  • Some non-English date formats, for example Polish, weren't being recognized by Taskline. This is now fixed.
Version 2.1.18June 26, 2005

  • This release fixes a problem whereby a non-zero Minimum Split on a task, or a non-zero Default Minimum Split setting, gave an incorrect error message stating that the largest amount of unbroken time available is 0 minutes.
Version 2.1.17June 23, 2005

  • Some "Don't tell me about this again" settings were being ignored. This is now fixed.
Version 2.1.14June 7, 2005

  • Taskline now remembers the screen position of the main dialog.
  • The alert "It looks like this is the first time you have run Taskline on this folder..." can now be switched off.
Version 2.1.13April 25, 2005

  • Tasks with a Start or Due date in the year 2999 are now ignored by Taskline, as this date is used by Pocket Informant® for storing template information.
  • We have added an option to have Taskline put reminders on calendar task entries. This option is not on the dialog, so please email support if you would like instructions on using this.
  • The Constraint Time on the Taskline task form was not previously showing AM/PM, even if your time format preferences specified it. This is now fixed.
Version 2.1.12March 25, 2005

  • A problem with completed calendar task entries sometimes getting deleted from the calendar, if the task was created using Franklin Covey® PlanPlus, has been fixed.
Version 2.1.11March 11, 2005

  • A new option has been added to control whether or not Franklin Covey® master tasks should be scheduled by Taskline.
  • If a task was created using Franklin Covey® PlanPlus, then Taskline was previously not creating task entries in the calendar for completed tasks. This has now been fixed.
Version 2.1.9February 24, 2005

  • Taskline Setup now configures Taskline to ignore GTD Project Tasks by default.
  • A rare problem with the "Select any tasks..." list getting cleared has now been fixed.
Version 2.1.8February 19, 2005

  • A reschedule error regarding dates before 1st January 1901 has now been fixed.
Version 2.1.6February 11, 2005

  • A reschedule problem, that would sometimes allow a low priority task with a deadline to miss its deadline unnecessarily, has been fixed.
  • A new calendar task entry token TaskA1 has been added to allow a task's Priority (A1) value to be displayed on its calendar task entry.
Version 2.1.5January 24, 2005

  • Some error messages have been improved to make them more helpful.
Version 2.1.3January 18, 2005

  • There is a new Delete completed occurrences of recurring tasks option on the Tasks tab of Taskline's dialog.
  • There is a new Only update numbers, leave letters unchanged option on the Renumber or Re-letter Priority (A1) dialog.
Version 2.1.2January 14, 2005

  • The Renumber or Re-letter Priority (A1) feature now correctly sets the Priority (A1) value for numbers less than 10. Previously, Priority (A1) values of (for example) A1, A2 etc would get set instead of A01 and A02. This resulted in a "Do you want to save changes?" alert when a task was opened and then closed without changing anything, because the task was correcting the Priority (A1) value.
  • Internal Error B,54,-1,417,-1,-2 is now fixed. This was a rare reschedule error.
  • A problem with some milestones getting erroneously scheduled at the First task starts at date is now fixed.
Version 2.1.1January 7, 2005

  • The task list box on the Taskline task form in Outlook is now slightly larger.
  • Appointments with synchronization conflicts now give a correct error message. Previously, the error message claimed that an unnamed task was giving the conflict.
Taskline Version 2.1December 30, 2004

This upgrade is free to all registered users of Taskline v2.0

  • You can now control how Taskline splits a task into shorter parts during scheduling. You can switch off task splitting and you can specify the minimum duration of the parts of a split task.
  • You can specify a time allowance before and after an appointment, to allow for traveling time or meeting preparation. You define a default traveling time for all appointments on the Calendar tab of the Taskline's dialog, which can be overridden on a per-appointment basis.
  • There are new options to show task entries in the calendar as all day events.
  • There is a new option to show milestones in the calendar as all day events. If you use Outlook 2002 or newer, you can also use labels to give milestones a different color on the calendar, to highlight them.
  • Task priorities now use the A00-Z99 format. The Task Priority option has been replaced with the Priority (A1) option on the Taskline form. The former Task Priority option in Taskline versions 1 and 2.0 is still supported, but does not appear on the Taskline form.
  • A new read-only task field is available to add to the task list view in Outlook: Hours Remaining. This is same as the value for Work Remaining, but is always represented as a number of hours.
  • The Ignore this task check box is selected by default in this version of Taskline. However, when you enter information in the Total Work box, this automatically clears the Ignore this task check box, allowing Taskline to schedule the task. Thus, to schedule milestones, which have zero hours Total Work, you will now need to manually clear the Ignore this task check box.
  • Taskline 2.1 is now compatible with FranklinCovey® PlanPlus versions 1, 2 and 3.
  • You can now order tasks by the task subject. This is useful if you, or other software, place a code or priority at the start of the task subject.
  • You can now assign each task to a project, to help you organize your tasks more effectively.
  • There is now a command line option /NoDialog which allows you to run Taskline in the background using the Windows task scheduler.

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